The reel point of Viral Video

May 13, 2008

Apologies to the blogosphere and my readers, it is quite a big crime not to post in two straight weeks, been inundated with several personal and career tasks, plus my brother visited from Philly. Excuses, excuses, I know. Learned much in the past couple of weeks. The only way to really learn viral is to ride on the viral tidal wave and surf and surf!

Apparently online surfing is much easier for me than actual surfing. Went surfing in Santa Monica Beach this past weekend and I barely saw a wave coming when I decided to back off enjoy the cool wind lying face down on my towel, and be a total girl and cheer on the guys as they embarked on the whole new world of riding the cool ocean waves. Water was freezing, I didn’t freeze to death, but I froze enough to want to back off.

Personal updates aside, I want to talk about viral video again — I bring up this topic so much because the explosion of viral video interests me — in how it plays such a big part in viral marketing, the kind of attention it gets (in the form of hits) and how different companies have leveraged user-generated video sites like youtube, viddler, metacafe and google videos put some spotlight on a person, service or product. I’ve found a lot of interesting viral videos — ones that have redefined what they could be used for. There really is no limit — after all, viral video is for us, by us. Many are called, few are chosen though. Posting a video on youtube doesn’t always translate to hits.

What weird purposes have driven people to use viral video? And what has generated a lot of traffic?

1. Communicate with the president. This is a video of literally a throng of Filipino prisoners telling our beloved president Gloria Arroyo to wake up from political slumber and start addressing the real problems of Filipino people.

2. Defend the case of religion. Religion has been getting a bad rap, something meant to be a boon but has been perceived lately as a society bane. Really, you’re not that original if you say that “religion is the root of all evil”. I personally think that my spirituality is an indispensable, inextricable part of me. Don’t be mislead by the sexy picture — it’s a cover to grab attention that has nothing to do with the content. I wish they didn’t have to mislead the viewer though. It is great to be socially relevant without having to use a sexual bait.

3. Apply for a dream job at Disney. Watch the video and learn. Resumes are so last century.

4. Publicly apologize. No apologies for this viral video purpose. Remember Kramer’s (of Seinfeld) big faux pas at his comedy club stint? He said sorry — how many hearts he won back I don’t know, but this video merited 1,686,941 hits so far since November 2006.

5. Lastly, and my favorite one — is to edify women. Too many videos use sex (usually in the form of the female anatomy) to sell, to catch attention. Why don’t we use viral video to inspire and lift up for a change? “I am a woman. Look at me. Get to know me. To be known is to be loved and to be loved is to be known.” Check out “Woman at the Well.” This is a contemporary oral interpretation of the Samarian woman at the well that Jesus spoke to in the bible.

The possibilities for viral video is boundless. Find any interesting videos lately?

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8 Responses to “The reel point of Viral Video”

  1. […] wrote an interesting post today on The reel point of Viral VideoHere’s a quick excerptIt is great to be socially relevant without having to use a sexual bait. 3. Apply for a dream job at Disney. Watch the video and learn. […]

  2. queuey Says:

    Cool post! I like the way you summarized the vids. Makes me more interested in watching them than the stills alone. By the way, would you take my vid down? I mean, yeah, I’m sexy, but I hate that my underwear doesn’t match. ;p

  3. Hey, that was a great post. That last video was certainly quite intense! Thanx for the great read. As you can probably guess, I love reading about viral strategies.

    Cheers and thanx


  4. abbycopuyoc Says:

    Thanks, Davin! I’ve been cruising around your site, too, and I see that you create quite a volume of content about viral marketing. I’ll be learning from you!

    Abby šŸ™‚

  5. Inix Says:

    I love you’re examples.

    Something that I believe doesn’t qualify alot of these examples as ‘viral marketing’ however is that viral is the outcome, not the intention in most of these cases.

    I found a good blog on viral marketing and podcasting
    It would be worth checking out to see how the makers of the virals use language to create dedicated group of viewers.

  6. abbycopuyoc Says:

    You might be right Inix – yet I don’t think that disqualifies from calling it a viral video. After all, being “viral” online at least has a very loose definition. Can we call it accidental viral marketing then? Food for thought.

  7. Nice post! really enjoying.. entertaining

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