Yahoo Answers — Friend or Foe?

July 11, 2008


Yahoo Answers is one my favorite social media tools — with Answerbag and Askville coming in second. It posts questions and answers to anything under the sun you can imagine — from apples to zebras. Indeed it is a great way to build traffic — but has more viral then SEO benefits. Yahoo Answer links are “nofollow”, yet don’t be so quick to dismiss it as a great marketing tool. Punch in your most relevant keyword on the search field and be sure to search open questions.

Why Yahoo Answers is great:

It is marketing to people who are already looking for you. If your website was an actual store — then they have already knocked on the front door. Answering won’t be imposing your product on them, it will be presenting a solution to a problem.

You can answer as many questions as you want. Just be sure not to be “spammy” and always assume the persona of someone who’s out to help people (which are you are doing really). Leave a link and be casual about it. Don’t overdo it though, Yahoo Answers can and will suspend abusers who overpost and are too candidly promoting themselves. Yahoo Answers can be a friend, but can also be a very bad foe.

You can be anyone, anywhere. I am talking about Avatars (in Yahoo Answers I am a brunette in Hawaii). Well this one doesn’t have any viral benefits, but it’s fun.

Search engines love Yahoo Answers. When you plug-in a question on the Google or Yahoo search field, more often than not a Yahoo Answers page will come up.

You earn points every time you answer a question. What are the points for? Just like in “Who’s line is it anyway?” the points don’t matter. But it does give you the freedom to ask a question. You earn 10 points for getting “Best Answer.” Having the “best answer” is a nice little pick up in your day, not only that it could also mean higher chances for traffic and conversion.

And lastly, for the simple reason that it works! It has worked in increasing traffic to several clients I’ve worked with in the past.

So that’s my tribute to Yahoo Answers. Maybe I should post the friend or foe question on the site. What do you think? Is Yahoo Answers friend or foe? 🙂

15 Responses to “Yahoo Answers — Friend or Foe?”

  1. Shelly Says:

    I will definately try Yahoo answers, I was told about its effect. It’s amazing how certain websites will just bring you traffic and ranking on the web. This competition shows that just 20 people can create a buzz about a word that previously never existed on the web in a matter of weeks. Be sure to check out this blog Clifinar

  2. Abby!

    I used to spend a LOT of time on Yahoo! (My YA Profile) Answers. Back then they offered you a “column” of sorts, or maybe just front page linkage to your blog or whatever, for people in a certain points bracket. I’m not sure if they still do that, but that was my gal back then.

    I think there were 4 tiers of membership that were all based around your points total, though you are right they mostly meant nothing. The extra exposure of that top spot would be nice though!

  3. 2 Corrections to my last post, both in the first paragraph:

    1) I should have linked to my profile after the word “Answers” and not after Yahoo!

    2) Instead of “gal” the word should have been “goal.”

  4. Paulo Says:

    great post! most often results for certain searches ends up with yahoo answers posts on first few pages. I haven’t paid that much attention to its effect till now. ill add that in my routine.

  5. bucko Says:

    I typically start my answer search using google and end up in a yahoo answers thread. I’d say they are definitely friend. Most of the time the top answer is legit and trustable.

  6. I always appreciate how freely you give information on this blog. I’m not a Yahoo Answers person but my 14 year old is positively addicted.


  7. Club Penguin Says:

    I would totally use Yahoo answers more if they made the points worth something. it wouldn’t have to be anything big, just a small reward would be nice. Or maybe more privileges as you get more points.

  8. Web Services Says:

    Hi! Its great tool for marketing.

    Web Services

  9. abbycopuyoc Says:

    I agree with Club Penguin, definitely if you could turn in the points for actual physical rewards, then yahoo answers would be a whole lot more enticing. They’d probably get a lot more traffic, too.

  10. Club Penguin Says:

    I also think there needs to be some kind of answer verification because too many times people post false information, but no one else answers the question. As a result, the person who asked the question is most likely going to use the false information as if it were correct.

  11. Bilal Ahmed Says:

    yahoo answer is really good as marketing pont of view and i found lots of answers there regarding my questions.

  12. Kayak Says:

    hi, i agree that yahoo answer is great.I can find there the answer of my any question.So i like that yahoo answer can be a friend but i don’t understand that how yahoo answer can be a foe.SO this should be elaborated.

  13. hi,i agree that yahoo answer is really a social media tool.I like it because for many reasons.Especially its a great marketing tool.

  14. abbycopuyoc Says:

    Yup I would have to agree that Yahoo Answers is more of a friend than a foe, if you use it carefully and abide by their guidelines — you can’t blame them for being strict because spammers abound.

  15. nfl draft Says:

    I am happy with yahoo answer.Because it is really my friend and is solving my problems.

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